How to Paste and Match Style Text Into Teams

A few months ago my team switched from Slack to Microsoft Teams. While most things work as expected, one that comes off a bit clunky is pasting text. Here are a few shortcuts to help make life more comfortable.

Paste and Match Style on Mac + Slack: CMD + SHIFT + v

Paste and Match Style on Mac + Teams: CMD + SHIFT + OPTION + v

If you'd like to use the old shortcut in teams you can perform the following steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Navigate to Keyboard
  3. Select Shortcuts tab
  4. Select App Shortcuts from the left side
  5. Click '+'
  6. Select "Microsoft Teams" as the Application
  7. Enter "Paste and Match Style" as menu item
  8. Set cmd-shift-v as shortcut



Posted on 2021-11-04