How to Restrict an AWS Application Load Balancer to TLS 1.2

This weekend, I restricted the use of TLS to 1.2 and higher. Figure I'd document it a bit here.

1) Navigate to the Load Balancers page(under VPCs) 2) Select the ALB you want to update. 3) Click on the Listeners tab. 4) Select the HTTPS listener. 5) Click edit. 6) Change the security policy to ELBSecurityPolicy-FS-1-2-Res-2020-10 or something more up to date. 7) Click the Update button in the top right.

Here is a list of the different types of security policies that you can enable via AWS.

Hopefully, you don't have to do these updates manually, but it still helps to know how. Use IaC, it helps a ton in the long run.


Posted on 2021-08-28