A Simple Incident Report Template For Startups

Everyone should have a way to log incidents and track customer experience flaws. Below is a template I have implemented at a few start ups. Enjoy!



This is where the customer name goes.



Severity Level:


Severity Description Examples
1 A critical incident with very high impact A customer-facing service, like the app is down for ALL customers Confidentiality or privacy is breached Customer data loss
2 A major incident with significant impact A customer-facing service is unavailable for a subset of customers Core functionality (e.g. sso, integration) is significantly impacted
3 A minor incident with low impact A minor inconvenience to customers, workaround available Usable performance degradation

Event Time Frame:

First Notified: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM AM/PM EST - When was the first alert/notification from a user received. Start: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM AM/PM EST - When did the issue start occurring. To the best of your knowledge. End: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM AM/PM EST - Time till the issue was resolved from the customer's perspective. Total Time: 1 Hour - Total amount of time. Difference between Start and End.

Describe Issue:

What problem is being faced?

Temporary Solution:

How did you fix the issue in the meantime?

People Involved:

List of all the people involved.


Details about the investigation. Story. Commands ran, servers looked at.. etc..

Root Cause:

What actually caused the issue?

Permanent Solution:

What fix/process are you going to put in place to prevent this type of issue again?

Other Notes:

Anything else you think is relevant to this incident.

How It's Used:

I usually create a shared folder named Incident Reports and place the template in a file named _TEMPLATE----YYYY-MM-dd-CustomerName-SEV#-Total-Time. This forces the template to the top of the sorted list of files. Then, when an incident occurs, we simple make a copy of the template and start filling it out with all the details, replacing all placeholders.



Posted on 2021-07-22