Top 2016 Python Tools And Packages

This isn't nessesarly a good representation of the best python tools or packages, but the top I have used over the past year.

pyorc - An amazing package that wraps around Tesseract so that you can do optical character recognition on imag

tox - A wonderful package that you can use to automate and standardize python testing.

psutil - Cross platform library that exposes process and system information.

gmvault - Not a library, but still written in python. It gives me the ability to backup and restore my emails from gmail, locally.

elasticsearch-dsl-py - Favorite high level library for ElasticSearch manipulation.

2to3 - Great tool for helping move from a python 2 codebase to a python 3 codebase.

httpie - A good tool for sending HTTP requests without the complexity that is CURL.

yapf - Code formatting tool made by google. Very useful in a team environment to ensure all code looks as if it was written by a single developer.

rauth - Helpful library for people utilizing the OAuth workflow on top of requests.

ptpython - Best python REPL.

Posted on 2016-12-09